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From the creators of ON THE MAP, the amazing journey of Israeli-African-American basketball star Aulcie Perry.

AULCIE premieres at the Scottsdale International Film Festival

Watch the virtual Q & A with Director Dani Menkin and Executive Producer Nancy Spielberg, moderated by Executive Producer Ori Eisen.

Odoo • Image and Text
Odoo • Image and Text

Jewish Journal interviews Dani Menkin about  AULCIE

"In a time when opinions and actions are highly politicized and divided, Menkin said he thinks it’s the perfect time to remind people of the strong relationship between Black people and Jewish people by sharing Perry’s “wonderful love story with Israel.” "
- Erin Ben Moche, The Jewish Journal

Written and Directed by  Dani Menkin
Year:  2019 
72 minutes, English & Hebrew with English subtitles

AULCIE tells the inspiring story of Aulcie Perry, a basketball legend who led Maccabi Tel Aviv to an upset win in the European Championship. During the summer of 1976, Aulcie Perry was spotted by a scout for Maccabi Tel Aviv while playing at the Rucker courts in Harlem and was quickly signed to play for their fledgling team. The Israeli players immediately responded to Aulcie's leadership and that year they had what one Sports Illustrated writer described as "the most extraordinary season in its remarkable history" and what Perry later called "the best nine months of my life." In 1977, Perry helped the team to its first European Championship, a prize they took four years later again under his leadership.  

His rise to fame was precipitous, and his relationship with supermodel Tami Ben Ami became the subject of relentless media attention, solidifying his status as one of Israel’s biggest stars. Aulcie Perry converted to Judaism, adopted the Hebrew name Elisha Ben Avraham, and became an Israeli citizen. But behind the scenes, he had a growing drug addiction that culminated in his arrest and imprisonment, and since his release he has committed himself to uplifting those suffering from drug abuse and addiction. He remains a beloved Israeli sports figure.  

Dani Menkin’s documentary tells the story of this legendary athlete and his amazing journey of redemption.

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